Repatriation station.

Wow, so this is it. I am in my last day of desk warming and in a few days I will on a plane to London. Two years in Korea have gone by so fast. This country has been amazing to me and allowed me to grow in so many ways. I am certainly not […]

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Korea by numbers.

Hello, so I wanted to do some kind of number chart about my time in Korea. Here is just some of my Korean experience by numbers: 741 days in Korea, 106 weeks, 2000 lessons taught, 750 children taught, 8 vacations, 7 countries visited, 1 island. 12 Korean cities explored, 7 native English co workers, 14 […]

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The Greatest of walls.

I am now entering my final week of teaching classes in summer camp. It is extremely emotional saying goodbye to the students, co workers, and my favorite restaurants! The heat is unbearable too. I have never experienced heat and humidity like this before, and this is my third summer here. I think I weep a […]

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Journeys end.

Hello everyone, it has been a while. I am currently in my final week of a 21 week semester. It has been exhausting and if you include 2 weeks of summer camp in August, it has not yet finished. The┬álong and demanding semester is why I have not posted in a very long time. Today […]

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An unexpected journey.

Hello, as I haven’t blogged for a while there are so many things I have to update you about. I have traveled much, seen many things and friends and had some new, rather unexpected experiences. For example a few weeks ago I experienced my first and hopefully only earthquake.┬áNot far from the coast of Ulsan, […]

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Tokyo Disney Sea

Disneyland! I had waited years to visit the magical place. I had seen commercials, advertising in many formats and seen countless friends visit one but I had never had the opportunity to go to one myself. Well, I live 2-3 hours away from Disneyland Paris so that is not strictly true. But just like the […]

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Drifting in Tokyo part two

This is a continuation of part one which you can find here! After a much later start than usual as I couldn’t (or wouldn’t) get out of bed the next day we arrived at Zojo-ji temple and Tokyo tower which kind of come as a surprise tourist package as they are right next to each […]

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